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*lies down in the middle of your timeline*
*stretches out*
mrrr :blobmiou:

@sweetmslily thank mew! you can skritchy between my ears if you want

@Natsura *baps you with paw* no belly rubs!!! belly is not allowed

@netkitty *opens the curtains so a sunbeam comes down on kitten for warms*

@netkitty *curls up under curtains to stay cool and rests head on tailfin*

lemme know if you get too warm and I'll cool you off a bit

@netkitty *wraps tail around with the fin available to lay head on*

@deejvalen *lays smol warm kitn head on fin* :netkitty_w:

normally i like warms best, but this is nice too for a change

@netkitty sometimes its nice to cool down when everything is so warmb Who's a long kitty? You're a long kitty.

applies back massage to make the kitten longer still

@netkitty Aww. Your very welcome on my timeline.

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