i am a very soft kitten. you should pet me and see! :blobcat3c:

@netkitty This is a well known fact, but frequent verification does not go amiss. :patcat:

@netkitty sorry, my communication skills break down the closer I get to a cat

@shyra is ok. it is nice to be reminded i am a kitty, it is very true and relatable, mew

@gramedek i do not know if i will run on a commodore PET, mew...

@netkitty I'm sure you will run lots! There's not much space, but I could try and design different environments :D

@netkitty hmm I wonder how the outer surface softness of netkitty is. I should set up a row of experiments

*probes the outer surface of netkitty ten times with a manual softness sensor by moving the sensor from netkitty's head towards netkitty's back*

oh. 9.64 on average! that is very soft!

@netkitty *tests* hmm. not sure. needs moar testing *testtesttesttesttest*

do you think that's enough testing?

@Rushyo :blobmiou:

i think you can test more if you want to, mew.

@netkitty *does vigorous and detailed testing of da floof, taking measurements*

@netkitty 🤔​ hmmm. these measurements have determined you are.... soft. and smol. to a high degree of confidence. very good. *pets*

@Rushyo very good kitn research being done today! :3

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