here, am sending you a luv
❤️ 〰️ :blobcatreach:

@netkitty oooohhh thank you! 💝

I should probably put this to the other luvs into the luv storage…

*puts luv into you*

@netkitty *thump* luv arrived and knocked me off the chair, was huuuge. The force produced by luv momentum was sufficient to push me over point of stable equilibrium. Force F produced by kitten is measured in #Mewtons and has unit symbol :meowevil: 💪🏼.

*climbs back on chair*

Sending a big 📦 with more smaller 📦📦 inside, all filled with lots of 💙-shaped kronchies. :meowbox:

@anomalus thank mew! *opens box and sits in it* *kronches kronchies* :netkitty_w:

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