@netkitty noo, I need that *watches as netkitty runs off with it*

@lyncia wow! okay! *grabs cursor in paws* *snifsnifs*

Nooo! That's my cursor....
I knew kitten.exe was some kind maleware...
How do I remove / calm it?

@MagicLike hmm.. since you asked nicely, i guess you can keep it :3

@netkitty will you return it later? you can have it for a bit and i'll use the keyboard for now.

@ckie that sounds good, thank mew! *takes cursor and batbats it around* prrt

@netkitty *wiggles it and hides it behind a window, making it peek out now and then*

@newt oh, thank mew! *picks it up in its tiny mouth* *walks around proudly with it*

@netkitty *pulling out a laser pointer that projects a cursor* Muahahaha 😬

@netkitty *lets you hit it and send it flying all the way across the screen*

@netkitty *you find it lying behind the Recycling Bin*

@ayla wow! *is very proud of itself*
*picks it up in its mouth and carries it around while mewing to brag*

@yomimono *runs all around, including some places you didn't move it* mew! mew! mew!

@yomimono *is very proud* *picks it up in its mouth and walks around showing it off*

@netkitty Hey kitten! You did a big fierce hunt; you deserve some bytes 😸 *outputs some bytes to /dev/kitten*

@aescling *holds on to it and kicks with back paws* mrr!

@netkitty *watches netkitty pounce and kick the cursor with back paws*

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