*scoots along the floor under a box*

@Natsura mew! *peeks out from under box* am being sneaky. do you want to sneak with me?

@netkitty ...huh I don't remember this box being here :blobcatthink:

@yomimono who is doing that?? *pokes head out from under box* oh, hello :3

@daniel_bohrer *box pauses*
*a smol paw reaches out from under the box and grabs the treat*

@netkitty 😁

*puts a small treat in front of the box*
*puts a small box over the treat*

@daniel_bohrer *peeks out from under box* another box???
*pokes box with paw*

@daniel_bohrer *pokes head out from under box again after a minute*
*snifsnifs the air*
*snifsnifs the box*
*pushes box over with paw*
wow, a treat!! who left this here?

@netkitty sits on the box oh, cool, a motorised chair! :D

@gramedek i can't scooch the box if you are on top of it, mew... am a very smol and not a very strong

@netkitty oh, a box that mews!
gets off the box and crouches to try and talk to it
mew? mewmew? awoomew?

@gramedek mew mew! mrrew *peeks head out from under box* mew :3

@netkitty woa! it's netkitty!
Hi netkitty! :D
shakes your paw

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