pls feed the kitn!!

i know you just fed me but...

am a growing kitn! i need more bytes :blobcattilt:

@netkitty 🍣​ 🍱 🍣 🍱 forfeit mortal posessions to kittn....

@Natsura i don't know what the bytes i eat actually do, mew. i just know they are tasty :3

@netkitty here, have some random bytes lzszsytatllaltTkzyzyszsszzlzllzsze6lss7ed7lzlaltataltlalsltatatlsslalalslzsltstlszzzlltlzalltaltalzzzlltlslzvcvdjzdidhsjcfiffidifid

@LunaDragofelis @netkitty barely random at all. smh organics
@meduelelateta @netkitty @LunaDragofelis correct! the randomness "density" (entropy) is always the same no matter the medium (a list of numbers, latin1 characters, base64-encoded random bytes)
@LunaDragofelis @netkitty given a base64 encoding of 256 uniform random bytes, there is a 0.1% chance of there being "Chj" (or any string of 3 specific characters, for that matter)
guess the stars aligned here

@chjara @netkitty @LunaDragofelis but about 0.8% of having chj if you don't mind characters being upper/lowercase, right? Here, have a can of non-deterministic treats that can be become your personal favourite interpretation of Unicode proposal L2/16-316. 🥫

@netkitty load into my smart fridge and get you samething nice

@netkitty if I feed u moar you might... EXPLODE! O_O

probably best if we don't.

@netkitty yes, exactly, exploding would be terrible. so let's not :)

*opening hexadecimal and sustainably fished thuna can* for

@anomalus mew!! mew *threads around your legs* mewmew :3

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