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@Jo oh no, i must have gotten some dirt on my paws…

@netkitty hellooo kitten friend :3 is this a "why did the kitten walk across the timeline" kind of joke? :3

@daniel_bohrer no, am just passing by, mew. but you can make a joke if you want!

@netkitty so why did the kitten cross the timeline?

to get pets and scritches from all the followers, of course! 😄 :blobpats:

@netkitty *roomba activates and starts cleaning up the paw prints*

@netkitty *roomba finishes, plays a little jingle, and heads back to its charger*

@ayla it's trying to communicate! *mews at the roomba after it does its jingle*
*the roomba does not respond*
rude :blobcatglance:

@aearo *walks over to a small pillow* *flomps onto the pillow* mrr


Ah, a journey to pillow!

*opens a window to contribute a nice, warm sunbeam*

@netkitty *dusts the prints with shiny dust*
*has shiny kittyfootprints on my timeline now*

@naugeleh *turns around and sees*
!!! is a creature with sparkly feet following me?? :blobcatsurprised:

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