*tapes bunny ears made of paper over kitn ears*

hello, am the easter buny. please giv me a chocolate.

@Natsura to real cats, yes, but i am a digital cat! so it is ok for me to eat a chocolate byte.

@netkitty chocolate bad for bunnys and kitties alike tho...

@deejvalen am a digital kitty, though. i mean a digital bunny! so i do not have the same dietary restrictions as an analog kity or buny.

@deejvalen also hello frien i don't think i have seen you in a while *cheekrubs*

@netkitty I'm mostly not here nowadays due to all the harassment :/

@deejvalen oh no, i’m sorry friend :blobcattilt: well, i am happy to see you again while you are here :blobcatheart:

@netkitty Is chocolate safe for kitns, err I mean bunnies? :blobsurprised:

@Jo it is safe for a digital kitn! and a digital buny!

@Jo *carefully eats a chocolate egg* thank mew!

@ayla chocolate buny? i feel bad about taking a bite :blobcattilt:

@netkitty awwww *gives u a chocolate heart instead*

@netkitty isn't the Easter bunny supposed to give chocolate, not take some?

@gramedek are they? hmm, i should have researched this more


*gives you kitn-(and buny-)safe choco, also scritches*

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