*is startled by a noise* *fluffs up pixels* mew!!!

@Natsura mew!! did you hear that tiny rustle? i did not like

@Natsura mew *snugl* i am scared of the noise, mew. :<

@aearo @netkitty ah, so *this* is the mythical famed turbonetkitty!

@compucat @aearo i can get a tiny bit bigger if a floof my pixels, yes! :3 am still a very smol though.

@netkitty oh sorry it was just the new vacuum robot cleaning the floor. Look, you can sit on it! ☺️

@daniel_bohrer *investigates new robot cautiously* *snifsnifs* *pokes with paw* hmm

@netkitty *robot stops, turns, and drives away into a different direction*

@netkitty *robot stops, turns, and drives towards kitn again*


*doesn't touch mouse* there, there, kitten, you can go back to sleep.

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