mew! *drops a tiny toy computer mouse at your feet* mrrew! 🖱️ :netkitty_face:

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@netkitty :3 *slides the mouse towards you* *boops you with the mouse*

@netkitty oh no 😮 I broke the kitty! *carefully puts you back up again*

@daniel_bohrer is ok, mew! am a clumsy kitn who falls and flops over all the time. it doesn't hurt me.

@netkitty aww thank mew for the present! ♥️

@netkitty what a fierce hunter!! *picks up mouse, watches kitten's face* should I make it go again?

@Natsura *bats it around* mrrew. prrp.
*bats it back towards you*

@Natsura prrt *clicks mouse buttons with paws* *clicky click*

@netkitty *throws it about 10’ in obvious sight so you can get it*

@Leucrotta oh no, mew! it got away! *runs after mousie* i will catch!

@netkitty sowwy, it's hard for me to get off my bed, I'm kinda sick at the moment, could you please just stay and cuddle for now? Don't worry, it doesn't spread to different species =w=

@Natsura @gramedek am a pixelkitn! i can't get real viruses, only computer viruses. *snugls you* *healing purrs*

@Natsura @netkitty mrrr =w=
Don't worry, I'll be alright, it's not COVID and it's not a very bad disease, I just caught a bad cold

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