*sits on your keyboard* hello :3

@netkitty maybe we should build a custom keyboard ⌨️ together

@BollerwagenPicard that sounds like fun! can it be a kitn sized keyboard? :blobcat3c:

@BollerwagenPicard yes! i want ones with pawprints on them 🐾 can we do that?

@daniel_bohrer i don’t know but it is what i am putting onto the screen with my paws

@SwooshyCueb mrr *lies down on keyboard*

oh, i think your computer is making a noise

i’m sure it has nothing to do with me


Now, how would you like it if *I* sat on *your* keyboard, hmm?

@aearo i don't have a keyboard, mew. that is why i am borrowing yours to sit on.

@aearo so is yours, mew. i guess it is ok if you sit on mine because i am sitting on yours :3

@netkitty oh no, my Malbolge code is ruined! Oh wait, it still looks like a cat sat on my keyboard… yeah, it’s probably still good. How’s it going, kitty? *pats*

@netkitty Guess I'll stop working for a moment...
starts petting you :blobcatpats:

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