i fooled you again, mew! :blobcatgiggle:

you thought there was a puppy.exe, but it was actually just me, a kitn!

i can't believe people fall for it every time! it must be because i am SO good at doing pranks :blobcatevil:

anyway, i like pupys, but i could personally never be anything but a kity. i lov being a kity :blobmiou:

@netkitty we appreciate jokes like yours b/c they're unobtrusive and just, adorable friend having fun :3

@zaradragon am glad you appreciate it :blobcatheart: i see a lot of people saying they don't like april fools things so am happy to do something that people think is just silly and fun. that is all i want it to be, mew

@netkitty pupy was nice, but I prefer kitn. Happy caturday!

@dokuja thank mew! i am happy you prefer the real me :blobcatlove: that or cat's are just superior being behold our understanding 🤷‍♂️

@draco maybe... but i would rather think i am an extremely smart kitn

@Natsura i will think about trying a different animal next year, mew. but i have a lot of fun being a netpuppy which is why i have kept doing it.

@t54r4n1 am kitten! i love to play! it is one of my favorite things besides sleep

@netkitty oh no! I was completely fooled! You got me this time. I'll have to try harder next time :blobfox:

@alex is ok, mew! am just extremely good at pretending to be a puppy

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