@netkitty *nuzza nuzza* thought you might like to see from up here!

@PsyChuan yes! it is nice to see things from higher up when you are a very smol like me

@netkitty but if you hit your little tiptoe on the bed at night... It feels somewhat harder than soft

@netkitty *squats down and picks up the kitten to set it on their shoulder*

💚 🎒

@netkitty *gently picks you up and puts you ontop of one of her heads*

@netkitty *takes you for a shoulder ride to several different windows*

@t54r4n1 mew :3 *looks happily out of every window you show it*

@netkitty *picks kitten up and carries it around wherever it wants to go* I have a kitten on me now :yayblob:

@ser8phin yay! you can just carry me around while you do whatever, i just like to be carried, mew :3

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