i heard that there are mean people sending nasty things to trans people on the fediverse

:blobcatknife: it goes without saying that that is Not Okay!!!! i don't like it when people are mean to my friends. :blobcathissing:

so am sending lovs to my trans fediverse friends today, i hope you are doing okay, mew :heart_trans: :blobcatheart: :heart_trans:

@netkitty also, please excuse my behaviour if I ever do or say something you think is not okay.
I won't ever do it on purpose but I might not be aware of it.
If that happens, please don't just block me, tell me what's wrong and I will try thinking about it.
I might be a hooman but I'm a comprehensive one!


go pride! :transgender: 🏳️‍🌈

trans people are in all their right to be. i dont get haters at all. in the end trans people are people!

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