@sirlan_ff00ff oh yay, computer nice are my favorite toys! *bats around*

@netkitty *keeps using the real keyboard, slightly smug that the decoy was sucessful*

@astraluma hey! why is nothing happening? *keeps walking on fake keyboard*

@astraluma ^w^ by the way, i think your keyboard is broken, mew

@netkitty that's the kitty keyboard, because I keep getting cuties trying to lay on it.

@Natsura hmmm… i would still like to have a keyboard i think. i am a computer kitten, after all

@Stephen_Stone can you decode it?? just kidding it is not a code

@netkitty huh, that's strange....instead of kitty keyboard gibberish all I'm getting is mew mew mew mew mew

@netkitty i propose we change the metric of typing speed

farewell to wpm, who needs words per minute

hello to mpw, we truly must measure mews per walk

@netkitty eraegrd op+#++oioik+#ü wzrhtg0ipjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj0waoph?QZTHW?=Xhgvwkhgw80rhgvx80rwhtgv87r


@netkitty Awww, but it was supposed to spare energy :/

@gramedek i can keep walking on the keyboard until it turns off again :blobcat3c:

@netkitty *unplugs the keyboard and turns off the computer* lucky you, it's not a 300€ expensive usb keyboard, it's just a good old PS/2 one so you're allowed to continue :3

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