what if instead of a clippy popping up when you were trying to write document, there was a me

@netkitty then I'd spend hours just talking with you and lavishing you with affection

case in point :patcat:

@deejvalen that sounds nice, let me know the next time you have to write a document pls :blobcatmlem:

@netkitty mostly need to make lists of stuff that works together!

and then somehow a workflow for if I pick one I can then see what to move onto

like a flowchart? with multiple choices each node

that and playlist generator

@netkitty cutest office assistant, would ask it questions to keep me company

@dokuja *fills document with “mew” over and over again*

@netkitty it's perfect! My boss will be pleased. Thank mew so much kitn :blobcatsnugs:

@netkitty i would probably give you pets and then ask that you please stop chasing the curser while i’m trying to work :)

@absturztaube no, i wanted to help! but if petting me helps…

@katnjiapus links is a distant relative of mine, mew :3 so is scribble

@netkitty ASCII is what pops up when I'm writing a letter or really any documentation

#AsciiDoc ++ :)

@netkitty I'll try developing an amstrad cpc game soon, I'd be glad to have you messing around my screen while I write lines of code :D

@netkitty "it looks like you're trying to write a document, would you like help to be distracted?"

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