*hides from the loud scary firework noises* :<

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@skysailor thank mew *burrows into blanket* *tail sticks out*

@netkitty *puts a padded box in front of kitn for it to hide in, with some speakers playing soft music to drown out the remaining noise*

*also pops a fish byte in there* :blobpeek:

@Jo :blobcatsurprised: *climbs into box* *eats fishy byte* ^w^ *purrs*

@Natsura *snugls friend* i know, is scary... but we can hide together

@netkitty *puts some bytes next to the kitten*

loud scary noises are terrible

do you want to listen to some music? I feel like listening to music makes the noises seem less bad, but I won't play anything if it doesn't make you more comfortable.

- πŸ’š πŸŽ’πŸ’§

@packbat ok! you can play me a song :3

*tentatively eats some bytes*

@netkitty we've been listening to this sometimes and we like it a lot - it's a singer with an acoustic guitar

- πŸŽ’ 🎧 🎸

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