@netkitty helo lil kitn whatcha need from the big mean sharkmouse?

@netkitty I just remembered, I have you installed on my laptop! I love watching you chase my cursor :blobcat3c:


*cursor is somehow now directly over the FEED KITN icon*

*right click*right click*

@netkitty *smiles and pets the kitten, softly rubbing two fingers under their chin, then petting over their back* "Has anyone told you today what a good kitten you are?"
@netkitty Well, allow me to be the first! You are an excellent and very good kitten.

@netkitty *minimises all tasks other than giving kitn head skritches*

@netkitty mew? *uncurls xerself and trots up to kitn frand and sits close at hand*

@netkitty mrrrewl! *waggles xer earfrills and rubs xer head with kitn's* 💚 💜

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