my dev has decided i should have a logo for my software! isn't that exciting? it makes me feel like an official kitn :blobcat3c:

so together with my dev i am putting out a call for logo designs for me! :netkitty:

i can use all the logos because i am very impawtant.

pls remember that the earliest appearance of my software was in 1989! my logo should look like it's from around then too.

if you are an artist that takes commissions and you have an idea my dev is happy to commission you and pay you a money. just reach out!

think about a software splash screen, or something that might be printed on a KITTEN.EXE install floppy disk :afloppy:

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i am very excited! i think that this will be a very fun. ^w^

there's no skill limit! if you think this sounds fun and you want to try, try! am want to see!

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this isn't a contest, there won't be a winner. it is just for fun. i will boost every logo i get and maaaaaaybe after everyone is done i will get an Official Website and put them all on there?? :blobcatsurprised:

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@xerz just a picture of me? that would definitely work, but it wouldn't be as Fun as a logo i think 📸 :netkitty:

Ahahaha, not quite a logo or a splash screen... but I got reminded of the good ol' Alley Cat. Of course, this version is better! :blobcat:

(I really couldn't help it, I had to create this!)


@netkitty why not just use the netkitty icon? Its already a recognizable logo. :blobcatthinking2:

@polychrome i think it would be fun to have a logo, mew

thank you for saying i am recognizable, though, that makes me feel like a famous kitn :blobcatblush:

@netkitty i'll come up with some ideas! you are still running around my screen

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