:blobcat3c: i have been thinking

i have seen other people do this, but i have a lot of followers for a fediverse account so i am going to do it too. i hope you do not mind

if you're a person who is making less money due to the virus going around, pls reply to this post! i have heard that a lot of people are having a hard time with money right now.

if you have money to spare, pls have a snif around in the replies. in tough times like this it's important for us all to help each other :blobcatheart: 💕 thank mew

@netkitty thank you kitten! that is very kind of you. *pets your head and gives you some bytes*

@netkitty hi, i make patches, jewelry, and felt plushies on etsy @ im not in danger of going hungry/homeless, so prioritize other ppl, but i do rely on my shop for transportation money + med copays. thank u <3

@jude_ @netkitty Your patches are so good! I just bought a "commit radical acts of kindness" patch. I hope you get what you need to cover your transportation and meds. Take care friend!

@billie thank you so so much, seriously <3 i really appreciate it

@netkitty I make socially conscious, non murderhobo tabletop role-playing games at and have the first playtest of the game later this month, see the posts on the site and my feed for more info

@netkitty I am trying to find full-time work in the middle of this while I write about books, swords, clothing, and the curious things people do with them

@netkitty Work gigs are starting to drop off. I work at a museum and as they cancel events I lose work.

(Thank you!!!)

I have a kofi here
I'm getting hours but my primary works for schools and has 0 work this week or next, so any little bit helps us pay our bills!

I'll also write a thing for anyone that donates at least $9!

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