mew! mew! mew! wake up! *sticks paw in your face* feed me! play with me! why you sleep when im not sleep?


i would give much to be able to fall asleep at any time and to wake instantly whenever i hear a can of cat-food being opened.

@netkitty you sleep like 18 hours a day! it's just bad luck that it doesn't line up with my sleeping

@monorail but am not sleepy kitn right now... am awake kitn...

@netkitty oh, you know what? i have an idea

this is how i used to play with my cats when i was sleepy

*suddenly starts moving paws around under the blankets*

@netkitty If you let me go back to sleep, you get to clamber up on my side and sleep *there*. With a chinrest. I'm just saying.

@Leucrotta hmm..... that does sound like a comfy place.. hmm

@netkitty I learnt some science the other day that might me helpful to you! Particles in a solution move from areas of high concentration to low concentration until concentrations are equal. Therefore, if there is a lot of sleep in the friend and none in the kitn, you should lie down on them so the sleep is averaged out between you. This means they'll wake up sooner, as they have less sleep to use up! Now come snugl please, it's for science :3

@otatma @netkitty

Same here. You can sleep tonight again, but now I need food else I die.

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