dear santa,

i have been a very good kitten this year! pls bring me lots of bytes, and maybe a new toy

also, pls bring my friends lots of presents too, they are good and they deserve it

when you stop by, you can give me a pet if you want :3

netkitty :netkitty: 🐾

@netkitty :blobcataww: awww, me hope netkitty gets lots and lots of bits and bytes

@netkitty I hope you get what you are asking for and more. *gently pets you*

@netkitty oh, I won't be getting any presents for Christmas this year, but ah well. I have gotten used to it.

@natsumisummer no, you will get a present, mew! i will give you a present! :3

@netkitty you don't have to if you don't want to. I am completely fine with not getting anything. ^^

@netkitty I’m not Santa, but I can at least give you a byte as an early Christmas gift. 🐟

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