@netkitty You can have expensive furniture, or you can have kittehs. We all chose kittehs so it's fine.

@netkitty Its okie~ <3 You are too cute for anyone to get mad at!

@netkitty :O kitty!

that looks fun! *nyooms around and accidentally knocks over a vase*
oh hey, treats! *jumps down and monches the flowers she just freed from their vase*

@netkitty *pets Kitten, and starts to sweep up the broken shards*

@fibonacci_reminder *rubs against your legs and walks between them while you try to sweep*

@netkitty *leans down to scritch and rub Kitten’s back while deftly maneuvering the broom and dustpan around it*


"Totally mean to do that. This tail is prehensile, you know."

*knocks over grandfather clock that weighs over 120kg*

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