am sorry for being serious but i have to make an announcement

i don't like nazis!! nazis are mean. even though i am normally a nice kitty, i want to scratch them and bite them and eat all their files. if you are a nazi, unfollow me now! i don't want to be your friend.

and if you think i'm being too mean in this post, i don't want to be your friend either. i don't like people who defend mean bullies. pls go away :blobcatknife:



if you are reading this and thinking "oh it's ok, i'm not a nazi! i'm just alt-right/a Proud Boy/a race realist/a white nationalist"


i mean you too!!!! go away!!! :blobcathissing:

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if you want to hurt my friends who are jewish or POC or LGBTQ

i want to hurt YOU :blobcatknife:

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@netkitty @zoe do you remember a long time ago, back before my current account even existed, when i made a chart that said you're not legally allowed to say fuck? and you went "ff... fffff........." but stopped because it was illegal?

i'm not going to say you have to, i'm not trying to pressure you or anything

but if you want, there is an exemption for kitties who use the word fuck to be mean to nazis


@Felthry @netkitty yeah technically .ico is a container for bmp and png images specifically to be used as icons, so kitten.exe probably has a .ico file associated with it somehow

but it's just a kitten so i let it slide :p

@netkitty well, you seem to target the path to my heart, so i'd imagine so

@netkitty brave smol kitten! Thanks for standing up to bullies!

@netkitty thank you for standing up like this ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž

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