*sneaks into your bag before you leave*

@netkitty *takes us to a cyber cafe and plugs you in so you can explore a new network while I get a tea*

@netkitty *walks like, a block and back, because she was only going out to the gas station. still fun adventure for kitten*

@zoe *peeks out of your bag and looks at the world* =^..^=

@netkitty *notices mewing in the bag ten minutes after leaving*
ohh, did you want to come with me?

@netkitty *discovers you only after she's already walked some* *hopes walking through wild mountain woods isn't too scary for little kitn* Also, there are all kinds of interesting smells and sounds out there. Don't get lost, kitten!

@draco is ok, i will stay right here in your bag and peep out =^..^=

@netkitty I never should have left that USB stick in there for you to get into!

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