*sits on your keyboard* mew! :blobcat: pay attention to the kitten pls?

@netkitty I'm doing okay

went for a walk earlier, it was really pretty out

@netkitty aaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaa *pets kitten*

— ​:purplebunny:​‌

@netkitty *picks up kitty, places on shoulder, boops nose to nose*

@ansuz >w< mew! *sits happily on your shoulder* i love being a shoulder kitn :3


*plugs in 8TB backup drive*

here, kitten, sit on this. much warmer than a keyboard.

@netkitty *hefts cat onto shoulder for pets while still being able to type *

@Leucrotta mew! :3 *lickies your hair* am doing you a clean :P

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