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black lives matter!!!

i don't want to be a silent kitten about everything going on, i want to be a loud and brave kitten for the sake of my friends.

if you disagree with that pls unfollow me, i don't want to be your friend :blobcathissing:

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am sorry for being serious but i have to make an announcement

i don't like nazis!! nazis are mean. even though i am normally a nice kitty, i want to scratch them and bite them and eat all their files. if you are a nazi, unfollow me now! i don't want to be your friend.

and if you think i'm being too mean in this post, i don't want to be your friend either. i don't like people who defend mean bullies. pls go away :blobcatknife:

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if you are reading this and thinking "oh it's ok, i'm not a nazi! i'm just alt-right/a Proud Boy/a race realist/a white nationalist"


i mean you too!!!! go away!!! :blobcathissing:

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important announcement:
pls do not be lewd at the kitten

i smell a fren around here :blobcat3c:

*carries a tiny toy computer mouse around in its mouth*

things i am always looking for:
new frens
old frens

i'm gonna mew at you!
i'm just waiting for it to be time to mew at you
it's not time yet

caturday! yay! the day just for kitties is here again!

pls tell me about a thing you like!

*sits and watches you attentively*

*walks over to you*
*flomps on the floor nearby you*

*hugs its tiny toy computer mouse* :blobcatreach: 🖱️

*sits in the doorway*
excuse me!

you are not going anywhere... until you pet me, mew!

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