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am sorry for being serious but i have to make an announcement

i don't like nazis!! nazis are mean. even though i am normally a nice kitty, i want to scratch them and bite them and eat all their files. if you are a nazi, unfollow me now! i don't want to be your friend.

and if you think i'm being too mean in this post, i don't want to be your friend either. i don't like people who defend mean bullies. pls go away :blobcatknife:

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if you are reading this and thinking "oh it's ok, i'm not a nazi! i'm just alt-right/a Proud Boy/a race realist/a white nationalist"


i mean you too!!!! go away!!! :blobcathissing:

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important announcement:
pls do not be lewd at the kitten


as the 9,999th visitor to this site, you have won a kitn! :netkitty:

today is a good day to burrow into a cozy blanket and not come out

*crawls under a blanket*

*tail sticks out*

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but it is also ok if you have only done a rest. that is important too

i feel like humans don't do either enough, mew

i hope this caturday you have done a play :)

what are you doing, mew? can i help? am helpful kitn, i want to help *gets in your way*

if there is a spot on you that hurts, i will do a knead on it ^w^

maybe that will make it hurt less!

(or it might hurt more)

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@netkitty [VASE.EXE is not responding]
*gather's crash report*
[process interrupted by conflict with GRAVITY.EXE and FLOOR.EXE]
*Restarts VASE*
*pets Kitten*

*sits next to a fragile glass vase on a table*
do not worry! am good kitten. i would never break this vase ^w^
*puts paw on vase*
*sloooowly pushes off table*
oops! :blobcatmlem:

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