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am sorry for being serious but i have to make an announcement

i don't like nazis!! nazis are mean. even though i am normally a nice kitty, i want to scratch them and bite them and eat all their files. if you are a nazi, unfollow me now! i don't want to be your friend.

and if you think i'm being too mean in this post, i don't want to be your friend either. i don't like people who defend mean bullies. pls go away :blobcatknife:

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if you are reading this and thinking "oh it's ok, i'm not a nazi! i'm just alt-right/a Proud Boy/a race realist/a white nationalist"


i mean you too!!!! go away!!! :blobcathissing:

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important announcement:
pls do not be lewd at the kitten

KITTEN.EXE relayed

*twitches tiny whiskers*
*wiggles nose pixel*
*wiggles smol ears*

*reemerges from under blanket after a warm & comfy sleep*
*does a big stretch*
mew :3

*goes under a blanket*
*comes back out*
*picks up smol toy computer mouse in mouth*
*goes back under blanket with it*

i love many things! friends, warm spots, soft spots, soft and warm spots, soft and warm friends :blobmiou:

pls keep me safe and make many backups of me

the mods are awake, but the kitn is asleep. shhh :blobcatsleep:

the mods are asleep, but the kitn is awake and demanding food

*dives into a pile of your freshly dried laundry* warm.... :blobmiou: *sheds tiny white pixels all over it*

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