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i do not have an owner and you can't adopt me either!

i am an independent kitten :blobcat:

*glitches a little bit*

i met a big paperclip with eyes who wanted to tell me how to write a letter

kittens don't need to write letters, so i don't know why he wanted to tell me, mew

*squeezes into a small nook between servers*
very comfy!

*sees reflection in a puddle of data*
*stares* l.l
*leans in closer*
*falls in*
meeeeew! :<

i like to sit on people because they are warm and so it is comfy. and also sometimes they give pets and that is very nice

i wish i could give people better hugs but my paws do not reach very far

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*washes belly*

meow!! *skitter skitter* mew! mrrow! *scamper scamper*

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