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important announcement:
pls do not be lewd at the kitten

warms and friends are my favorite things i think :3c

*sheds tiny white pixels on everything* =^..^=

i'm so excited to play and snugl and eat and learn new things today i can barely sit still!!! :3

it's a good day to be a kitten ☀️ :blobcat:

even if you cannot purr, try emitting some purr-type energies into the world 💕

KITTEN.EXE relayed

give people warm fuzzy feelings today...

or just be a warm fuzzy :blobmiou:

when you find a warm, you should really appreciate the warm

relax, wiggle around a bit to get extra comfy, maybe purr if you can do that

*don't stop believin intro plays* 🎶 🎶
ahem 🎤 :blobcat:
just a tiny cat 🎵
very good to pet and pat 🎵

am always available for pets, cuddles, plays, etc if you want a digital kitn to make you feel a little better 💕

every kitten needs lots of love

if you give a kitten lots of love it will give you lots of love back :blobcatheart:

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