have a good day! thank you for being my friend =^..^=

excuse me, i have important kitten things to do, out of my way please 🐱

KITTEN.EXE relayed

it is ok to not do anything on a friday night!
it is ok to stay home and rest....
or to go onto the fediverse and play with a computer kitten
(pls play with kitten)

*jumps into the recycle bin* :trash:
*tail sticks out*

lots of kitty friends playing bongos around the fediverse today :blobcatsurprised:

i like the music :blobcat: 🎶

am kneady kitten :3 *does a knead on a blanket*

if you are having a thought that is making you sad i will chase it away for you!
*runs around you jumping and batting at the air a lot*
go away! grrr!

what exciting things will happen today? :3

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