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earlier this year a coworker of mine was complaining about how long her hair had gotten and about how she hadn't been able to go get it cut, and I told her that she could just randomly decide to cut it herself and that's what I do. over this past weekend she had a light manic episode and cut her hair short, and I like to believe that I am an inspiration to the straights in my life.

My partner and I started a new Dragon Quest III save and our party members are Vriska (Homestuck), Adso (The Name of the Rose), Elric (of Melniboné), and Yunyun (Konosuba).

My horse aunt has an ancient ipod in her barn's tack room that has been hooked into the barn speakers playing music on shuffle for years, and since I've horse-sat so many times I have a whole category of stuff that I consider "barn music"

Today I introduced a kid to webdings/wingdings and this is probably going to make someone else's life worse pmao

lewd tmi (re: earlier gross/unusual lube discussions) 

made my own post i don't know the op of the lanolin post and I don't wanna be weird at a stranger lol

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lewd tmi (re: earlier gross/unusual lube discussions) 

I can verify the lanolin thing, the best lube I've ever had was homemade face cream (based on rosemary gladstar's perfect cream) which is an emulsion (like mayo) of beeswax, lanolin, orange water, aloe, and I forget which plant oils.

not latex safe obviously, but great for anal or for easily taking a bad dragon dildo 😊

Pokémon Go friend request 

Hey everyone, I need a new friend for the Misunderstood Mischief special research!

My trainer code is 7013 0282 4241 and my display name is nittofulaks. If you add me I'd prefer it if you'd also reply or send me a dm on here so I know who you are!

untucking myself out of bed and picking my phone back up to post the words "french maid onesie pajamas"

human domestication guide 

nothing better than hrt synthesized by your plant lover

kink job bad 

if I were into being on the receiving end of force femme I'd enjoy going to work mote

updated intro post 

putting this stuff here so I can less in my profile bio!

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