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I'm still thinking over what mine would be and this is a tough question

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If you had a title akin to Johnny Appleseed, following the pattern "First name ____seed", what would it be?

If it helps, the machine translated english recipes on the back refer to both "white mushrooms" and "hazelnut mushrooms".

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Does anyone know what kind of mushrooms these are, either by their common name or their scientific name? I can't read the Chinese on the packaging, but my partner recognized the character for "white".

The dumpster Calathea roseopicta jettisoned its last damaged leaf, and I'm eagerly awaiting the day these new leaves are large enough to unfurl. I'm half expecting to wake up one morning and see a new leaf hanging out.

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My local Del Taco got arsoned recently and it's really funny whenever I see that they haven't taken their signs down

lewd, I'm reading Master and Commander and I apologize 

I'm enjoying this book but the sailing terms are no less gibberish than when I started

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lewd, I'm reading Master and Commander and I apologize 

gently pulls back your forecastle, revealing your polished mast

I finally caught up with the executioner anime and wow, what a fantastic adaptation of the source material. I need to get back to reading the series, I've only read the light novels up to where the anime covered.

the weekly episodes of yofukashi no uta are clearing my skin watering my crops curing my depression

Attention! The dumpster Calathea roseopicta is doing the tubey thing with a few of its shoots, and they've developed a pink color. I think I'll have some shiny new leaves soon!

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what we do in the shadows 

lost my mind when I saw that Colin Robinson has a thinkpad in his arsenal of electronics

in all things I am trying to channel the energy of the kitten I raised who would always scream whenever he pooped

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