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re: LB, didn't want to comment this on a stranger's post 

side hustle ↔️ anal fin
anal hustle


@kniferoomba sorry, yeah, your kombucha mother metaphor reminded me of a thing that literally happens in a sequel, haha

a coworker performing a masculinity (+) 

vibe: excitable science teacher with dad jokes

ootd: white dress shirt, khakis, leather shoes, "Fe [iron] man" tie, bigfoot cufflinks, socks with cartoon vikings


@kniferoomba I am totally spacing on what the sand worm larvae are called that Leto II ends up using to transform himself into a worm, but yes, exactly


It's very funny the past few months finding out that not everyone else read Dune when they were 12 and the book hasn't been fermenting in their heads for years

"Avoid the month Lenaeon [Jan-Feb], wretched days, all of them fit to skin an ox, and the frosts which are cruel when Boreas blows over the earth. . . Finish your work and return home ahead of him, and do not let the dark cloud from heaven wrap round you and make your body clammy and soak your clothes. Avoid it; for this is the hardest month, wintry, hard for sheep and hard for men. In this season let your oxen have half their usual food, but let your man have more; for the helpful nights are long. Observe all this until the year is ended and you have nights and days of equal length, and Earth, the mother of all, bears again her various fruit."
— Works and Days, Hesiod trans. Hugh G. Evelyn-White

@parenthetical you're reminding me I never finished reading that! I picked up an I think 60's/70's reissue at a used bookstore a couple years ago because I'd never heard of it

"The boys are never back in the same town twice."
-- Thin Heraclitus

lewd, winnie the pooh 

my partner and I are losing it and talking over our idea for a winnie the pooh eroge

@haveheart the teens at my workplace do, but it's a small town so idk. they also seem to use everything else that's popular too, though.

Asking for reader app recommendations, boosts ok 

@SecretlySamantha I really like Lithium, and when I need to look at a PDF I use Xodo


this happens to me at work at least once a day with the roles reversed and I had no idea how to react

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I raised my arm up to stretch just now and my partner pulled out their teacher voice and was like "Yes? Did you have a question?"


@nsmckinnon my school always ends its semester at the end of january, so we come back from break straight into end of term madness. It's worse right now because we didn't have final exams the past two years so a big chunk of our students don't know how anything works.

lewd, wordle spoilers 

@casey my same thought when I finished today's wordle

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