I finally caught up with the executioner anime and wow, what a fantastic adaptation of the source material. I need to get back to reading the series, I've only read the light novels up to where the anime covered.

@kniferoomba if I were a middle schooler now I would not be normal about it, knowing myself

@kniferoomba They teach it at the middle school my partner works at, and she said the kids are normal about it (at least as far as she's heard)

the weekly episodes of yofukashi no uta are clearing my skin watering my crops curing my depression

@req tbh this makes me want to read the manga instead of watching the anime whenever I get around to experiencing hunter x hunter

Attention! The dumpster Calathea roseopicta is doing the tubey thing with a few of its shoots, and they've developed a pink color. I think I'll have some shiny new leaves soon!

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what we do in the shadows 

lost my mind when I saw that Colin Robinson has a thinkpad in his arsenal of electronics

@swiff I have been moved to tears of frustration trying to direct adult garden volunteers, I'm so sorry

in all things I am trying to channel the energy of the kitten I raised who would always scream whenever he pooped

Dumpster Calathea roseopicta has decided to pull its energy out of its remaining leaves -- it's down to one now. It has around nine shoots coming up from its base and is putting a lot of work into some new leaves. :)

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tbh this seems to be a theme with me. I also didn't learn how to open soda cans with pull tabs until like the 5th grade, or can openers until late high school. I held out on getting a smart phone until 2019 and strongly resisted touchscreen interfaces (I still hate them). There are probably many reasons why I am like this.

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