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how do you do, fellow a-dults 🎉🎉🎉

...god i wish that were me

Any other autistic ppl do this? (regarding watching films) 

@fledge I do this too, it's really hard not to take it as a reflection on myself when someone doesn't like something I share with them, and movies are especially hard because they're so long

cartoon eye contact, rape ment I really like the colors you used and the lettering is super cool


as without (wildfire smoke in my valley), so within (weed smoke in my apartment)

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tfw you're hanging out with a girl and the audio tracks cut out and you know an H scene is about to start

self harm (in a work training video) 

why do I always seem to glance back at these training vids we watch every year right as the stock images of a razor blade literally cutting through skin are on the screen

Damn you're telling me that I have to go to work, and then also do things when I'm not at work?

banished from the hero's party 

I love Tissie and Mister Crawly Wawly ♥️

the queer urge to reply with "mutuals do this" to every booru image scraped by yuri bot I think I'm being controlled by two beings trying to share keyboard controls

Πάντα Ρέι Plumbing -- "You never plunge the same toilet twice."

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