Call for papers on the topic "Collage, Architecture and Space" 

Sorry for the repost a couple hours later, I hadn't posted anything public in a while and forgot to add tags

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Call for papers on the topic "Collage, Architecture and Space" 

From source linked below:

We invite papers which look at collage (in its variant forms) from any time period and geographical location to explore how collage has been used in architectural practice and as a form of space. We welcome papers from art history, architectural history, architectural practice, design, arts-based practice and research, and we encourage early career scholars and students to present their work.

Topics may include but are not limited to: collage in architectural practice, collage and space-making, collage as design strategy, historical uses of collage in architecture, the politics of collage and architecture, collage and the collection.

Abstracts of no more than 300 words, along with author biographies (no more than 100 words), should be submitted to, by 5pm on 4th March, 2022, with the subject: “Collage, Architecture and Space”.


@shoofle oh dang I forgot to keep up with updates after I caught up, thanks!

Food question 

@tessaracked asian pear, apple, citrus, and various dried fruits are all things I've put in winter fruit salads (also winter-hardy herbs like parsley)

did I tell you guys about one of my partner's students calling Karkat a meow meow

I don't get it when people are put off by interactions with their old posts, personally I love being reminded of stuff I'd forgotten I posted

(e.g.: my crater lake pics from this summer)

covid shitpost 

There are no covid deaths in Ba Sing Se

anime girls with guns 

@Lore I need to give this anime a second chance, I quit after 2 episodes because it paled in comparison to the light novels and didn't have the same creepy vibes. Is it enjoyable?

@ChaosSkeleton iirc mullets were a thing back then, there are textual descriptions and I remember seeing a vase showing a young slave boy with what was essentially a mullet

@ifixcoinops this is definitely more common in rural conservative areas where people live 30+ mins from a store and many families have a lot of kids, I frequently see shoppers here with 3+ gallons of milk in their carts

(I've started doing similar stuff too ever since the couple years I lived out of town, especially after we were snowed in for 5 days and w/o power for 15)

@pixouls I slap 'em everywhere to signal that I was there and saw the post, so people can feel heard

@RadioAngel I'm pretty sure that Wild Garden Seed and Strictly Medicinals sell some of the things on your wish list

A Midsummer Night's Dream 

We'll build a wall between Pyramus and Thisbe, and Bottom's going to pay for it

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