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"everlasting mystery," July 2022. All these scraps were from an astronomy magazine with severe water damage, so I decide to damage them some more.

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"Only you can save the night," July 2022. Found poetry using scraps from astronomy magazines and a lit magazine.

Text reads:
Today is the longest night.
The forest is black in the distance. The landscape is a masterpiece in ultramarine and sable.
Everything is both a splitting and a joining.
The sun moves too. You never come back to the same place.

What are your hopes and dreams? What are your fears?
I want the things I leave behind to be useful and beautiful to those who come after me.

Build a bonfire. For there is a loneliness around us. May the fire light your way out of it.
Only you can save the night
as a means to create a different history

"Well, I have the key." After a dramatic pause, he continued, "The key is you go in when the gate is open."
Beyond both something awaits us.

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I was originally going to call this one "Q&A" or "questions," but I decided to go with "the five questions" after the title my partner gave the file when they scanned it. When I, like an absolute fool, said "What's the fifth question?", they replied "That one".

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"Power," June/July 2022. Bits and pieces from union and socialist magazines, an article about lesbian separatists, a seed catalogue, and a crappy scan from Mollison's Permaculture manual that was leftover scrap from an infosheet I made around 2014.

I don't think I ever posted my "Board of Education", did I?

This was a side slat from my childhood bunkbed that I collaged for a school project when I was 15. My English teacher was also the creative writing teacher, and she gave us weekly vocabulary lists with a strong bias towards purple prose and 18th century literature. We were supposed to take note of vocab words as we encountered them, and each semester combine them into one creative project (2D first semester, 3D second semester). I had a lot of fun collecting the words and doing the projects.

At this point it's an interesting time capsule, because most of the words were snipped from fashion magazines and bay area newspapers circa 2007-2008.

I'm keeping these two scraps out because I'm planning on doing collages centered around each, but then I saw them together and now I'm having second thoughts...

I got back some sample assignments I did for a teacher coworker earlier this year. These are two pages from a South American road trip art/journaling/research project aimed at middle grades.

I very rarely draw anything (maybe once a year, if that!) and I ended up slapping down the tapir not at all where I wanted it, but it was still fun to make these on a time crunch.

Call to Artists: "Silence in Chaos," digital and sound collage 

"The central theme of this year’s KAOS Festival of Contemporary Collage is Silence in Chaos. At a time when the world is gripped by uncertainty, anxiety, confusion, fear, lack of closeness and freedom, unrest, the weight of anticipation and a lack of trust, epidemic situations are emerging on how to rebalance and find new normality. If silence is the one that sometimes helps us to see things, it can be disturbing on the other hand if there is too much of it. Have we created our own bubble in the world, in which we are mostly silent? Is silence the only way to endure an unbearable state of despair and melancholy? This year, KAOS is questioning the meaning of silence, exploring the relationship between silence and sound and sound or silence and the visual. It discovers the silence in the collage and questions it. It searches for answers and shouts with sound and digital collages."

Call for Artists: Collage in the House 


CREATE one cut and paste, paper, analog collage in the shape of a simple house that best represents your artistic style or the theme of “Collage in the House”. Scan or photograph the collage on a white background (do not send your original work – just an image).

FILL IN THE FORM at completely and attach your image file. Please name your image lastname-firstname.jpg Files should be300 dpi, .jpg format. Image files MUST be named as Lastname-firstname.jpg – failure to submit in the proper format or file name may result in your image not being considered.

DEADLINE: April 10, 2022

TIMELINE: Selected artists will be notified no later than April 15, 2022. Book will be scheduled for publication in time for World Collage Day 2022. Book will be published as a print-on-demand softcover and Kindle ebook and available through Amazon.

More info:

Call for papers on the topic "Collage, Architecture and Space" 

From source linked below:

We invite papers which look at collage (in its variant forms) from any time period and geographical location to explore how collage has been used in architectural practice and as a form of space. We welcome papers from art history, architectural history, architectural practice, design, arts-based practice and research, and we encourage early career scholars and students to present their work.

Topics may include but are not limited to: collage in architectural practice, collage and space-making, collage as design strategy, historical uses of collage in architecture, the politics of collage and architecture, collage and the collection.

Abstracts of no more than 300 words, along with author biographies (no more than 100 words), should be submitted to, by 5pm on 4th March, 2022, with the subject: “Collage, Architecture and Space”.


Another from today. I'm calling this one "affirmations". Pieces are from a community college catalog, a high school health worksheet, and the background article is from an interview with Chelsea Manning.

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Here's a quickie cobbled together from a community college catalog and a high school sex ed worksheet (CW: genital diagram). The idea was all @sherbet_marcuse's, I just executed it.

All finished! I'm calling this one "born in a bathtub, raised in a swamp." What can I say, I like goo girls and I think there should be more of them.

Materials came from Seventeen and Vogue magazines; Baker Creek, Fungi Perfecti, and Wild Garden Seed catalogues; and some gift wrapping. Completed over several hours today from initial idea to finish.

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This is the first collage I made that wasn't a school project! When I was 11 my older stepsister (an artist) sat me down with a cigar box, a stack of magazines, and some mod podge, and this is the result. I think I might go back and fill in the sides, because there's a bunch of empty space.

A for my mom, who is currently experiencing her second and making some difficult decisions. Intended as a focus for workings, as an altar or shrine piece, or just as some cool art from her kid.

collage with lewd implications 

I'm back on my bullshit lmao. All the descriptive words here are from ads for makeup, skincare, and menstrual products.

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