marijuana in art 

Finished! Thanks for voting, everyone. This lives on my fridge now.

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nudity in art 

Here's a little standalone that happened as a byproduct of my fridge magnet session. I'd been trying to decide what to do with this painting and the nipple quote for a year.

art with food plants, genital trauma, gender 

Another fridge magnet. Thanks to my partner @sherbet_marcuse for creative direction (I mean, they help much of the time, but I especially needed input and focus on this one).

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Another magnet. idk what it means either, it came together as I was sifting through my papers.

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food plant in art 

First in a series of fridge magnets! My magnets were all old work calendars and ads from my health insurance provider, and I was sick of looking at them.

Help me decide which of these phrases to add to a tiny ! My partner picked the best four, y'all get to make the final decision.

(Photo of collage base and options to follow.)

Art with drugs, food plants, and lewd text 

I'm starting a thread for my playing card project here on my new account!

I started this back in November and will keep going until I've collaged an entire deck. Cards are chosen by shuffling.

Reposts will be unlisted to avoid clogging public feeds; new collages (as I add them) will be public.


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