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Today's and candle. My partner and I drew one card each from two decks to accompany a burning session of this Crossroads candle. I'd intended to maybe do some paperwork, but we ended up tidying and rearranging the apartment some more -- including moving a big bookshelf out of the spot it'd been in since moved into this apartment, which is a big change! I'm hoping we can keep that momentum going. ☀️🤹‍♂️

Another candle and session, drawn in collaboration with my partner, trying to dispel a mutual funk.

I worked on some new collages and my partner made headway into a financial task that'd been hanging over them. I very fittingly got the hymn to the sun from Akhenaten stuck in my head after lighting. ☀️

I started my equinox by doing a three card pull with my partner and burning our drippy candle while we read aloud from The Years of Rice and Salt :)

started a new Candle today, gonna do a card pull with it for every burning session


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