most of my current sci-fi/fantasy collection. the anne mccaffrey, a few odds and ends, and some to-reads are elsewhere. along with the books I still have at my mom's house. :blobdead:

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I'm keeping these two scraps out because I'm planning on doing collages centered around each, but then I saw them together and now I'm having second thoughts...

I spent a lot of today going through old papers, and I think(?) this was me trying to fill in something around a fragmentary ancient greek poem? But I didn't write down the source and I never finished it, and its purpose escapes me now. Anyway, here's a fragment of a fragment.

I tried some blackout poetry for the first time that I can remember. I got too into blacking out and messed up a couple times and I'm big mad about it. This is a page from a horrible bro workout book I got at a work white elephant a couple years ago. Image hidden for implied sexuality and transphobic slur.

A walk home from the dentist, along a small highway. It's been so nice that they finally sidewalked this whole stretch a couple years ago.

One of my students made everyone on staff mini-pallets that are intended as coasters. Mine's a plant stand for now.

My dad is moving and has been mailing me stuff as he downsizes. I drew this sometime ages 5-7, and idk what it is but I love it so much I might get it framed.

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