genshiken nidaime 

mfw my daughter and her college clubmates are discussing the top/bottom pairing possibilities between two of their real-life friends, who are also in the room

this single manga panel instantly transported me back to middle school

Next up is a cheapo thrift store taper. These are so aged, sweaty, and crooked that I seriously doubt they would bless anything.

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I finally finished rainbow drippy candle #2 in this bottle, it's looking great.

long, sewing 

I got inspired by a few people who have shared their and decided to make time for mending! I'm out of practice and have never been great at sewing, so this was fun.

My shirts always rip at the left armpit, so I have quite a few to practice on and the mends are not very visible. Not pictured is the first shirt I tried this on -- it's functional, but I changed up what I was doing, switched thread and needle, etc.

On the shirt below, I stitched the patch on a month or so ago and didn't finish until today. Looks bad, but I got better and I learned. The pants are one of the two pairs I wear to work that I fell and ripped a few weeks ago. I'm happy with how they turned out, and if the few quick stitches I used to join the rip end up giving, the area is reinforced and I can show off the galaxy-print patch (or re-mend it).

Next in my sewing pile are another pair of pants (knee ripped, butt worn thin), art patches for my jacket, and more armpits.

doll eye contact 

This also seems like a good time to share this little friend, who I hope found a good home.

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Check out this painting of a raccoon my partner and I got at a thrift store. It's an original, has a custom framing job, and is signed by a mysterious "Ursa".

food lewd 

y'all are still talking about oatmilk? get ready for

marijuana in art 

Finished! Thanks for voting, everyone. This lives on my fridge now.

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nudity in art 

Here's a little standalone that happened as a byproduct of my fridge magnet session. I'd been trying to decide what to do with this painting and the nipple quote for a year.

art with food plants, genital trauma, gender 

Another fridge magnet. Thanks to my partner @sherbet_marcuse for creative direction (I mean, they help much of the time, but I especially needed input and focus on this one).

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Another magnet. idk what it means either, it came together as I was sifting through my papers.

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food plant in art 

First in a series of fridge magnets! My magnets were all old work calendars and ads from my health insurance provider, and I was sick of looking at them.

marijuana in art 

For reference, this is a fridge magnet. The latter three phrases are clipped from my national union magazine.

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Another candle and session, drawn in collaboration with my partner, trying to dispel a mutual funk.

I worked on some new collages and my partner made headway into a financial task that'd been hanging over them. I very fittingly got the hymn to the sun from Akhenaten stuck in my head after lighting. ☀️

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