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banished from the hero's party 

I love Tissie and Mister Crawly Wawly ♥️

I've been playing around with my new instant camera and I'm slowly getting a feel for how it works. :)

Does anyone know what kind of mushrooms these are, either by their common name or their scientific name? I can't read the Chinese on the packaging, but my partner recognized the character for "white".

The dumpster Calathea roseopicta jettisoned its last damaged leaf, and I'm eagerly awaiting the day these new leaves are large enough to unfurl. I'm half expecting to wake up one morning and see a new leaf hanging out.

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My local Del Taco got arsoned recently and it's really funny whenever I see that they haven't taken their signs down

Attention! The dumpster Calathea roseopicta is doing the tubey thing with a few of its shoots, and they've developed a pink color. I think I'll have some shiny new leaves soon!

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Dumpster Calathea roseopicta has decided to pull its energy out of its remaining leaves -- it's down to one now. It has around nine shoots coming up from its base and is putting a lot of work into some new leaves. :)

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I pruned the second-best long vine off my because it was getting too unwieldy. It clocked in at over 100 inches, almost the entire length of my measuring tape, even without me stretching it out straight. I cut it into segments and I'm rooting them so I can have, uh.... more pothos... hopefully to give away...

Habibi and kittens, one day old. :3 My mom finally managed to trap her recently; she didn't have to birth this litter on the streets, and she won't be having any more.

(And bonus Fuzzy Mama, a former feral cat that I brought in years ago. Now she snuggles.)

Time for another semi-regular update on the Dumpster Calathea roseopicta.

Big leaves are holding steady, and it now has two new shoots! I've been watering it once a week but I think it might want slightly more often than that, so I'll be keeping a close eye on it as a heatwave hits next week.

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I have this janky horror movie collection that my granddaddy bought from a tv advert in 2005, and I've only ever watched a couple things from it.

Any suggestions? Either for movies you can vouch for or for things of the "that sounds awful" sort. If I get some suggestions I'll put up a poll.

Did anyone think I could resist a giant cooler labelled "free unwashed mint" by the side of the road? I took a random clump, picked a few choice/odd sprigs to root, and plopped the rest in a vase while I decide what to do with them.

(Your fav mint recipes are appreciated.)

Going through a bin of my grandma's stuff that was labelled "art supplies" 

And finally, some actual art supplies.

— Pastels (a greys set and a rainbow set) that are still perfectly useable
— A sumi ink set; the stone is fine, I need to see if I can revive the brush and also get some ink
— A set of acrylic paints, the metal tubes of which disintegrated when I tried squeezing them
— An oil paint set, which might be okay, but I have no way of telling and don't know how to revive them, so I'm hanging on to them until I'm sure
— A watercolor set that looks fine
— A set of poster paints, which appear to have turned to chunks in their jars; idk if it's possible to save them

Some of these were in nice wooden boxes that I'm going to clean up, and I appreciate advice on restoring the art supplies themselves! I haven't worked with any of these media.

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Going through a bin of my grandma's stuff that was labelled "art supplies" 

There were also a few big envelopes with art prints that never got hung up anywhere.

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