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updated intro post 

🦆 Freddie, 29, they/them
🦆 Nonbinary, trans, queer, pan; not visibly or widely out offline
🦆 Depressed + anxious, probably autistic
🦆 Non-denominational leftist
🦆 I currently live in Southwestern Oregon, have previously lived in Idaho and Santa Fe, and am from Northern California
🦆 Interests include: cooking, classics, collage, video and tabletop gaming, anime/manga/light novels, sci-fi, organic gardening and agroecology, ducks, syncretic ancient Mediterranean polytheisms

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updated intro post 

🦆 I've previously been on,, and, and Tumblr for a long-ass time.
🦆 My cooking alt is @nessotropheion, I write stuff at @eregminos I have a locked selfies alt at @ruber (mutuals only pls)
🦆 Feel free to say hi if you think we may know each other from elsewhere. Follows are welcome but I'll deny them if your profile is empty, I can't tell that we have anything in common, or something makes me uneasy. Don't take it personally!
🦆 DM me if you're a follower and I should CW anything special for you. If I'm posting about something a lot I'll usually stick it behind a CW with the title or the genre so you can filter/skip. Work stuff is marked k12 (I work at a high school).

updated intro post 

putting this stuff here so I can less in my profile bio!

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