Here's a quickie cobbled together from a community college catalog and a high school sex ed worksheet (CW: genital diagram). The idea was all @sherbet_marcuse's, I just executed it.


The last from today. I filled out another high school sex ed worksheet, as one does.

image transcription pt 1 

Worksheet, including my additions:

Understanding Sexuality

Directions: Answer the questions and match the terms with their definitions.

1. In your own words, define sexuality and explain why sexuality is about more than having sex.
How play can help heal trauma. You find something to laugh about almost every time you're together. It all depends on the day.

image transcription pt. 2 

2. Match each aspect of sexuality with its definition. Write the number of the correct definition on the line in front of the term. Use each definition only once.
Gender identity: The personal, internal sense of oneself as vibrant & shiny.
Gender roles: Ideas about how males and females should unionize.
Sexual orientation: A person's feelings of spicy attraction toward others.
Sexual abstinence: Choosing not to start your own edible garden.
Sexual activity: Participating in sexual behaviors that could lead to a whole new feel.

3. What are at least two benefits to respecting different aspects of sexuality?
Alternative dispute resolution. Never afraid of a little experimentation.

4. Describe each of the dimensions of sexual health:
Physical: better bones.
Intellectual: special interest.
Emotional: depressions.
Social: learning to be kind.

Self Check:
Questions about getting started or what to do next? masturbate? getting to know your body can make you feel more comfortable with it.

@nessotropheion no lie, this feels powerful enough to have been included in an art studies course :blobfoxsurprised:

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