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updated intro post 

🦆 Freddie, 29, they/them
🦆 Nonbinary, trans, queer, pan; not visibly or widely out offline
🦆 Depressed + anxious, probably autistic
🦆 Non-denominational leftist
🦆 I currently live in Southwestern Oregon, have previously lived in Idaho and Santa Fe, and am from Northern California
🦆 Interests include: cooking, classics, collage, video and tabletop gaming, anime/manga/light novels, sci-fi, organic gardening and agroecology, ducks, syncretic ancient Mediterranean polytheisms

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All finished! I'm calling this one "born in a bathtub, raised in a swamp." What can I say, I like goo girls and I think there should be more of them.

Materials came from Seventeen and Vogue magazines; Baker Creek, Fungi Perfecti, and Wild Garden Seed catalogues; and some gift wrapping. Completed over several hours today from initial idea to finish.

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Art with drugs, food plants, and lewd text 

I'm starting a thread for my playing card project here on my new account!

I started this back in November and will keep going until I've collaged an entire deck. Cards are chosen by shuffling.

Reposts will be unlisted to avoid clogging public feeds; new collages (as I add them) will be public.


as without (wildfire smoke in my valley), so within (weed smoke in my apartment)

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tfw you're hanging out with a girl and the audio tracks cut out and you know an H scene is about to start

self harm (in a work training video) 

why do I always seem to glance back at these training vids we watch every year right as the stock images of a razor blade literally cutting through skin are on the screen

Damn you're telling me that I have to go to work, and then also do things when I'm not at work?

banished from the hero's party 

I love Tissie and Mister Crawly Wawly ♥️

the queer urge to reply with "mutuals do this" to every booru image scraped by yuri bot

Πάντα Ρέι Plumbing -- "You never plunge the same toilet twice."

I've been playing around with my new instant camera and I'm slowly getting a feel for how it works. :)

reply with bands/albums/songs you associate with specific sex acts 

Gandalf 🤝 eating ass

Can anyone recommend places to buy cool clothing in women's sizes 14/16 or 3/4X? My mom needs new clothes, and she wants kind of boho/romantic looking stuff that has decent quality fabric. :boost_ok:

master and commander 

I'm back to reading it, and the pattern seems to be that if I push through the boring and confusing naval battles then I get rewarded with a conversation about sodomy or irish politics

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