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Art with drugs, food plants, and lewd text 

clown, lewd, food 

gender neutral terms of address, shitpost 

I shuffled, partner pulled; candle is Crossroads themed from a magic-y shop

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started a new Candle today, gonna do a card pull with it for every burning session

gdi I started doing the slideshow and realized I'm too exhausted and have no brain left

gonna listen to eugene onegin and see if I'm awake enough for terraria

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*slideshow is the song/poetry analysis project my students are doing that looked fun

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what should I do

I have this problem where whenever I see "felix the cat" I think "fritz the cat"

We forgot to take a before pic, but my partner and I spent an hour detangling a yarn mass that'd been sitting in our closet for three years, and it was so satisfying. Now to find Crafts to use it lol.

broke: follow your bliss
woke: follow your blisters
bespoke: follow your kink

my partner is playing kerbal space program again and every 5 mins I ask them "are your kerbals in space yet?"

also re: golden pothos, this may prove to have been the only time in my life I could have plants toxic to cats, so I am going to make the most of it

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I feel like I'm doing this backwards by growing up growing shit in the ground and spending my adult life so far focused on edibles and perennials, and I'm only just now getting into normie houseplants

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