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🦆 Freddie, 28, they/them
🦆 Nonbinary, trans, queer, pan; not visibly or widely out offline
🦆 Depressed + anxious, probably autistic
🦆 Non-denominational leftist
🦆 I work at a high school
🦆 I currently live in Southwestern Oregon, previously lived in Southwestern Idaho, and am from Northern California
🦆 Interests include: cooking, classics, collage, video and tabletop gaming, anime/manga/light novels, sci-fi, organic gardening and agroecology, ducks, syncretic ancient Mediterranean polytheisms
🦆 I just moved here from! I joined the fediverse in December 2018, and previous mains have been on and My cooking alt is @nessotropheion

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Art with drugs, food plants, and lewd text 

I'm starting a thread for my playing card project here on my new account!

I started this back in November and will keep going until I've collaged an entire deck. Cards are chosen by shuffling.

Reposts will be unlisted to avoid clogging public feeds; new collages (as I add them) will be public.


things are going great, I have pochitchi form, who only shows up for above average care

sincerely: does anyone know a good place to dump a short joke vid so I can link to it here

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I have a follow-up video with a resolution to this but it's too big and idk where to upload it to

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POV: You're sitting in a chair and there's a cute tall girl slightly encroaching on your personal space. WWYD?

@raye @tessaracked I get the impression that this is just part of the american experience, with variations for different eras. same shit, different flavor.

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I don't remember how any of the actual songs go but I do remember the teacher chewing us out at length because we weren't enunciating the word "heartbeat", which was part of the chorus for one of them

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did anyone else have to sing saccharine patriotic propaganda songs for elementary school music class circa 2001—2004 or was that just me

how tall do people think I am? possibly related, do you think I look like my icon

That said, I know how bad a wing to the face or a bite would hurt, extrapolating from the size difference.

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I am confident enough in my duck-wrangling experience to say that I could restrain a goose. I've never had to fight a goose but I have had to make rude noises and gestures at a wild one so it would leave my ducks alone.

It's the tiny fowl that are a bitch to catch.

Best thing to say when someone excuses themselves to use the bathroom?

need weed 

I get to drive past this on the regular and it's the law that you have to say NEED WEED when you see it

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(I mean, maybe this kid's name is spelled like the soup too, I couldn't tell from how the guy was yelling it.)

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this is the second person in the area who I know of named Odin, but the other is spelled like the Japanese soup

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