Just seen the sad news about cybre.space, where should I move to next?

@alexandria naaah, easily .docx

.txt can be opened and read by whoever 😏

@dreadpirateyarr I was hoping for Boris until the next general election, but now they've got ample time to rebrand :blobcatumm:

UK politics 

Some points on Rishi Sunak's letter:

- "On those occasions where I have disagreed with you privately, I have supported you publicly".
This is something that the Tories get right. They appear united even when things are falling apart, whereas who could forget when Labour's Jess Phillips said she'll "stab him in the front" when talking about Corbyn, or the current state of Labour in general.

- "Our approaches are too fundamentally different". I think it's been fairly obvious thus far that the current cabinet are pretty authoritarian for a party that claims to be "libertarian". I wonder what Boris has suggested so that even Rishi feels a need to say they are too different?

- A general point, it's funny that this is happening after the Pincher stuff has come out. Sexual assault has been rampant in the Tories, and correct me if I'm wrong but this is the first public example of that sexual assault being directed towards men. It's interesting (to say the least) that this is the final straw above all.

CPO just called me a "good coder", I can retire now :)

@dexiheart no need to apologise, fax only no printer. Idk if you got to the latest episode but Jacques is acting up in this Casa Amor period and I just can't wait for it to be next week where everyone's clips get shown to their partners loool. Also big-up yourself for speaking about love island on cybre.space, so refreshing haha

@dexiheart I still don't understand the reasoning. If they are trying to keep the person they think will get the most out of the villa, then Antigoni surely was the better choice because Danica shot her shot twice and flopped sooo. And Jay liked Antigoni more apparently so why didn't he fight to keep her in πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

I've become so used to forcing myself to use punctuation that I added an unnecessary comma to this sentence πŸ™ƒ

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Colleague told me that she met a Microsoft UX / UI designer, and that their entire team work on Macs lol

Today I spent hours trying to install geopandas with conda. Lead data engineer was determined to get us to use conda for everything. After several attempts, I suggested installing with pip. Sometimes u just have to compromise πŸ’

Hello cybre.space, been a while but I'm finally employed and doing cool climate data stuff. Been working with Iris cubes and am yet to learn how to fully manipulate them. Hope u are all well ❀️


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