UK politics 

Some points on Rishi Sunak's letter:

- "On those occasions where I have disagreed with you privately, I have supported you publicly".
This is something that the Tories get right. They appear united even when things are falling apart, whereas who could forget when Labour's Jess Phillips said she'll "stab him in the front" when talking about Corbyn, or the current state of Labour in general.

- "Our approaches are too fundamentally different". I think it's been fairly obvious thus far that the current cabinet are pretty authoritarian for a party that claims to be "libertarian". I wonder what Boris has suggested so that even Rishi feels a need to say they are too different?

- A general point, it's funny that this is happening after the Pincher stuff has come out. Sexual assault has been rampant in the Tories, and correct me if I'm wrong but this is the first public example of that sexual assault being directed towards men. It's interesting (to say the least) that this is the final straw above all.

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