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Yay I'm going to Puntala Rock in Lempäälä in late July and spending a day or two in Helsinki

A colleague of mine who teaches at an Ivy League university said that she and her colleagues teach Marxism to millionaire kids - whereas my vocational public school in Rotterdam teaches entrepreneurship to working-class kids.

No question, Zyanose’s music is often a significant challenge (and about as pleasant as tonguing a pulsing hemorrhoid),

:pink_money: desperately need help, please boost 

my darlings have spent the last 2-3 weeks with me, after spending months alone in the woods. I'm scared because tomorrow I'm driving to Utah with my family and they'll be going back out there.

They don't really have enough money to feed themselves or for gas. I'm so scared they're going to resort to serious crimes and go back to jail especially now that Rob's mom is dying..

If we can get any help, it would mean the world to us!

Fuck I'm already a bit drunk and sentimental at least alcohol makes me love people rather than being angry and hateful

I like you all quite a lot I should be here more often and enjoy all of you wonderful people

I want to be a trucker and get an insurrectionary convoy going

I'm out drinking beer alone expected to find some random friends. This feels kind of depressing. No potential interesting conversations in sight. Maybe I've taken on the role as sad lonely crust drankard but no worries I guess

convoy (1978) might the most anarchist movie ever made

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