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At least I've started to sew a crust vest from scratch and it's fun and feels good to do something brain dead just using my hands. No hacking or math in weeks though

Obligatory summer depression is really kicking in hard. I hate my life and wish I were not alive. I wish I had more energy to be active here the fediverse always makes feel good but I just sleep, work, drink and sleep.

Yay I'm going to Puntala Rock in Lempäälä in late July and spending a day or two in Helsinki

A colleague of mine who teaches at an Ivy League university said that she and her colleagues teach Marxism to millionaire kids - whereas my vocational public school in Rotterdam teaches entrepreneurship to working-class kids.

No question, Zyanose’s music is often a significant challenge (and about as pleasant as tonguing a pulsing hemorrhoid),

There exists no general formula for solving 5th deg eq with std proof == end of galoi theory at Mt uni but here take a look at this amazing symplectic geometry...

Haha fick Sweden. My uni is mostly known for analysis and it shows even though the good researchers are into applied shit, pure algebra and combinatorics it's fucked up haha

Yeah I agree analytical topology with delta epsilon proofs are he'll. Better to study cohomologies imho

Nope it's weird there was a class for PhD students once upon a time but I think they dropped it bc lack of interest or something

Yeah go check it out it might be fun and reading at the cafe sounds pretty good to me

No worries if you feel exhausted take the weekend off and get some rest

Oooh Toronto?! So you reside in Canada seems to me like a pretty wonderful country like the best parts of us and Sweden mixed together in a weird blend. Would love to visit Canada sometime

Wow I'm so envious of you I miss that math soooo much. I'm sorry the computability prof is an asshat. Need to get back asap wage slavery makes me want to kill myself for real

I found homological algebra pretty hard. Would like to delve deeper into galoi theory but my uni offers no courses in it sadly.

In a distant wage future we should do joint work together

Also a witch omg if we met in some dark corner of a hidden service we would be bff 4 lyf haha maybe

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