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alright my wonderful people I'm off to get drunk and high while watching some hungarian punk bands. remember to make destroy!

NP: Dead Kennedys - Let's Lynch The Landlord

solidarity with the women of Ireland

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@kara the 3 genders:
open, closed, clopen

my clit is all sweaty thanks to this awful heat.

encrypt your heart and send it to someone out there

taking a break from cohomologies and reading while listening to misfits. life could be worse I guess.

hey nerds. how do you handle the heat? any hot takes?

apparently #facebook now asks people from the #EU several questions they need to answer until the 25th or they can't use FB any longer.

one of the questions being: "do you want to turn on facial recognition?"

if the user clicks no, FB warns the user that they will not be able to help them if someone else pretends that the user's photo is their own and again they ask if the user really wants to miss out on facial recognition...

#facebook_deception #gdpr

#Cyber recipe for today:

3 Thinkpad X200 laptops
24 GB of RAM
3 240 GB SSDs
3 Atheros AR5B95 WiFi chips
1 RaspberryPi
1 SOIC-16 clip

Mix components carefully, flash #Libreboot for 60-90 minutes, add 100% free OS.

Enjoy three refurbished privacy- and freedom-respecting machines 🤓

fucking hell I just realized that I'm a shitposter. not sure how I feel about this.

the code compiles, let's ship it!

So in the biggest pride parade in my country there is going to be a pink-black block (i.e. anarchists) which is of course great but they call themselves HBTQIA+libertarian socialists.

This will probably come across as being an asshole but will we reach a point where concatenating letters to HBTx will get out of hand bc it becomes too long? It's a stupid remark I know. But as an outsider wouldn't it be better just to have some umbrella term instead of concating for inclusion of relevant groups?

alright I'm really considering taking my spare laptop installing slackware and trying out for music making. this shit makes me nervous and scared. @klaatu

got drunk yesterday and ordered a fucking guitar pickup. not sure about how I feel about this decision today...

I should get my old atari going and try to incorporate it somehow.

feels good to start playing music when I'm closer to 30 than 20. no ambitions whatsoever just want to have fun, play some shit and make destroy

at least my guitar now has a giant tor sticker on it. not a replacement for a new pickup but it's a start.

got inspired and went down to the basement storage and got my old guitar I've haven't touched in years and fucking hell it turns out I need a new pickup and even more fucking hell; those fuckers are expensive! found some cheap ones from china on ebay but I want to play NOW and not in n weeks.

All I want is to play brutal hardcore with that cool math girl I met. :(