I finally finished 'walkaway' and I'm not sure what to think about it. nice concepts and all but hmmm

someone (or rather workers changing the whole roff since a fire) is drilling and by the sound of it they are trying to drill a hole all they way down to hell. my cats are not very impressed by this.

I wonder if the current crop of Internet of Things devices will have such an effect on people that someone will spend the time and create an emulator for them.

Something like MAME or MESS for IoT devices.

And then you can download the ROMS for a 10 year old refrigerator and see what those devices were supposed to do. You can play with the defrost cycle without having to actually defrost anything.

I wonder if such a thing will exist. Part of me hopes it does.

#iot #emulation

notetoself: for strategic purposed don''t say you are an anarchist if it can be avoided haha

I was at a punk gig yesterday with a lot of, in lack of a better word, normies. in the middle of the night when people got really drunk and stoned we of course ended up talking politics and people asked what I was going to vote for. It didn't end well! People got _really_ angry at me for not voting haha. drama! not fun.

I'm wondering how many known (and unknown) android exploits I'm vuln to by using an old version of CyanogenMod. pwnrs gonna pwn though

fucking hell it's almost unusable. fuck this shit. I'm going torsocks w3m

just got the latest tor browser update and eeeeeeeww the new firefox look is _ugly_

no wonder we are out of ipv4 addresses I have fucking two (2!) in my apartment. It's so stupid and wasteful but good for me I guess.

yay touchk typing gets a little bit easier and smoothly each day. but my right hand still really thinks att 'b' belongs to it god damn it

I'm currently reading Doctorow's "Walkaway" and while I enjoy his books (and I mostly agree with his points) they always comes across as so fucking preachy. Maybe I'm not the target audience but I find so annoying. You can make a politcal point without screaming it out at the reader imho.

To all the #infosec or #paranoid individuals, this is proof that phones do listen to private conversations and use the data for targeted advertising.

Today the swedish AFA network, antifascist action, celebrates 25 years! Looking forward to the party tonight!

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