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maybe that should have been posted with a suicide content warning but well too messed up to figure out how to do it in this client

anyone awake? I'm very unwell atm (i.e. feeling like ending things) I'm alone and I have no one to reach out to afk. anyone available for a chat over xmpp or similar to calm me down and convince me not to do it. this feels so weird and over sharing but I don't know what to do

I wish I just could upload up soul to the grid and be done with it

things are not well but I try to make the best of things. survive and shit

Soon I'll have a full day in Helsinki without any plans whatsoever. What should I not miss?

Hello world, does anyone know of a file sharing service that gives *direct links* to a shared file? I'm talking a link that can be used on a website like Dropbox used to do that will display/use the file correctly on the website.

I want to share an option with Lexiconga users so they can display their fonts using custom CSS before I start working on a font uploader, but I'm coming up empty so far.

Any ideas/advice are appreciated!

Group theory is a mathematical study with which we can explore symmetry.

so if I wanted to buy a cheap-ish graphics card to my thinkcentre m92p (just to get hdmi instead of vga) what would be a good choice if I'm looking for good linux (debian) support? I know next to nothing about the hardware market and I have minimal requirements, no gaming, hd movies or stupid *coin mining in other words. any pointers would be highly appreciated

Hmm weird I get 0 posts in main feed in fedilab. Sad since I liked mastalab quite a lot. Not sure what to switch to now

dumpstered a very nice lenovo tower and finally bought a cheap small sdd to get it functional but it is so stupid because I got stuck during debian install bc lack of interwebz. My wifi adapter doesn't work with the unfree firmware image and I don't have a long enough ethernet cable. Why not just temporalily move the computer you might ask, well I did some "smart" cable management so my only monitor is attached to the desk. So much for minimalism and smart solutions.

At least I've started to sew a crust vest from scratch and it's fun and feels good to do something brain dead just using my hands. No hacking or math in weeks though

Obligatory summer depression is really kicking in hard. I hate my life and wish I were not alive. I wish I had more energy to be active here the fediverse always makes feel good but I just sleep, work, drink and sleep.

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