moin from bed via android via connectbot to raspi vid screen session running tootstream. good night all. may all your dreams be lucid

looking forward to catching up to all episodes of hpr instead

not sure if I really enjoyed the jurassic park book after all.

tried to convince my partner to watch the solo star wars movie with me but they just wanted to read their book. such a neeeerd

maybe I should work a little on project euler or watch a vimcast

three cats, vim, tea and deep space one. I guess life could be worse.

weekends without intoxicants feels weird. not sure what to do with myself exactly. also just got invited to a party tomorrow, not good. trying to pass time by trying to improve my vim skills, or lack therof

fuck I compiled profanity without otr support by mistake god damn it'

no parents, no childhood, no past, no memories, no emotional depth and no self-identity or soul

currently reading jurassic park. not sure if I*m projecting and reading things into it but I feel it has an interesting anti-capitalist sentiment embedded in it

day 4 of being clean (modulo meds and coffee) not fun would not recommend

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