Jesus Christ, that "let's decentralize our communications with random XMPP/Matrix public servers found on the net" is beyond me

You should really read this blog article before creating an account on a "public" (random) XMPP server

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Also, Nomagic UK provide all of these services for 8€/month, including an XMPP (Openfire) server, a Matrix server (Synapse), a Pleroma instance, Wallabag, Seafile, temporary images/file hosting,…

I casually talk with the admin and he's literally putting as much services as possible on his server until new subscriptions let him pay for a new one, that's not a commercial service that's activism

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Yeah I registered an account on a public XMPP server with a cool domain name, and one day I didn't get replies from an XMPP client developer because my XMPP server wasn't updated (backward-incompatible federation problem)

That's the most innocuous example of why you should pay for your XMPP server (again,

@needle Or at least, now how they are founded, maintained and by whom. Just like Mastodon or Pleroma instances, or mailsevers.

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