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Just so you know: @wire, @wire, and @wire (me) aren't related to @wire.

(I don't know who you are, but just so you know there are different "wires" on the Fediverse. 😀)

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reminder, folks, if you don't support Catgirl you can't boost her memes

sorry I don't make the rules

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Unix destructive commands 

There's also this tweet and they've made some noise about this on Twitter (they seem to have deleted their tweets) showing that they _do_ care about their blog's ranking

ProtonMail are doing a great job at normalizing email crypto, *and* at keeping the market for themselves, eventually releasing a weird article a few days after a one-developer startup starts its fundraising campaign.

Check the dates, and consider that the blogs are only here for the ranking:



And in "paranoid" mode, you'll manage your OpenPGP key by yourself, which would be extra secure and handy on a YubiKey.

Using the DIME, e.g. respectively the DMAP and DMTP protocols, Lavabit would know from and to which server your emails are coming and going, and the size of the email.

From Volcano's release, you'll have the possibility to operate in "cautious" mode, making it impossible for Lavabit to snoop over your private key without your secret passphrase.

Sooo… Unlike Lavabit, or an email provider using their AGPL-licensed crypto library and server implementation, ProtonMail has access to a journalist's list of correspondents, and to their conversations' titles.

Lavabit, or any DIME-compliant mail provider [1], knows nothing of this.

[1] Lavabit's GitHub: The crypto is an open-source library; the server is fully open-source and under the AGPL license.

Real fun here.

> Helping to force a nationwide referendum on Swiss surveillance laws, even though ProtonMail was unaffected due to our encryption.

> Working with Reporters Without Borders to support a scholarship program for journalists.

child education, I guess? (5) 

young/old frontier, emotions, reification (4) 

culture and reification (3) 

culture and emotions (2) 

culture and reification (1) 

20 years of using OpenBSD quite regularly and I just now used ed(1) to successfully edit a file.

it's never too late!

Rowling, white supremacism, spoilers, sarcasm 

Rowling, LGBT appropriation and racism 

taking pictures of the police, Facebook and Twitter 

taking pictures of the police, violence mention 

Ok, I don't know how it was before but I don't see this as a problem. I'll be AFK then I'll get back to work, bye

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