shit posting 

yee and i cannot stress this enough,


lucky utterances, swears, lewd 

aw fuck aw piss
aw fuck aw piss
aw fiss
too many wolves
she likes wolves but not that much


so, i'm trying to figure out how to make guizhou style chili crisp palatable for people with texture issues, because i find that i love the complex flavour and the spice content, but inspite of it being spicy and satisfying enough for me, people with low tolerances can still stomach it, but part of the complexity of the flavour comes from the crunchy peanuts and the other fermented additions that can have a bit of a texture to them that many people in my life propbably couldnt deal with even if i can


If you're important to me, im going to get excited one day, and im going to smeak up next to you and lick the hell out of you, this is a warning, it probably is going to happen because of my twisted god brain


my dog has terminal small

someone help my dog is making goblin noises

nera unlocked
sti ll collared
still quiet pan
just visible


so from December 10th to December 13th a lot of YouTubers are asking people to stay off the platform, it's basically a picket, try not to cross, and avoid using google products of you can.

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so, after one of the new rules instituted by YouTube, they can just delete channels that they deem unfriendly to advertisers with zero recourse or ability for the owners' to dispute this, this is pretty scary for a few groups of people who YouTube already deems unfriendly to advertisers right now including: leftists, people in the lgbt+, or really anyone who wasn't a comedian turned news host, or an alt right mouth piece.


please musically the dahlia


sometimes you have to resist begging to be collared


"I hate every shape"

affection, nonsense 

about to make out with liffy, mid cuddle
my brain: roll that beautiful bean footage

Mental health, shit posting 

[shitty movie voice] we live in an anxiety.

smash fractella 

Duck Hunt is a Lich

I really need a mash up Tyler the Creator and Neutral Milk Hotel distilled down into a drink to sip every morning

normal noise upto hollering: zzzzzz
someone I love whispers coffee from a state away: Femme respecter has logged on

food, weekend planning, slightly subtoot 

hmm sounds like vegetarian quesadilla with loaded nachos on the side with a pitcher of hibiscus limemade

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