went through my followers/followed accounts and cleared out a bunch of inactive ones. if i unfollowed you by mistake and you're not inactive (and want to continue being mutuals) let me know!

also muted .social in a fit of annoyance. i didn't think i was actually following anyone from there but i guess i was? sorry, .social users.

considering an instance hop to wandering.shop or kith.kitchen, if either will have me lol. or back to w.e perhaps

cybre is very good but sometimes i feel the need to be around fellow old and tech-clueless people who like, idk, gardening and knitting and shit

anyone have any other instance recs?

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(tbh, i only moved mostly because i was extremely stressed and anxious about online-ness in general, and just logging on to w.e started to make me feel anxious

hopping to an instance that was noticeably visually different seemed to fix that, because my brain is a mess)

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