also i am Exhausted with books, shows, movies, etc, all being about teenagers or ppl no older than like 23 (especially women)

give me a goddamn 50 yr old woman saving the world FOR ONCE

and no 'actually she's 300 years old but looks like a teenager because she's an alien fairy vampire elf' does not count

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@transbian_tronbreon I'd say it *counts*, and architecture the rec, but also sexy immortal ladies aren't really what I'm craving here, plus action movies aren't really my thing (tho the historical stuff sounds interesting). i want a regular ass middle aged woman with a mom bod finding out she's the only one who can save the universe, you know?

@f0x *immediately googles*

shit that sounds really good I'm gonna read it

@natrixnatrix urban fantasy with not young adult protagonists sounds like a fun genre tbh

@savagegoose @natrixnatrix I once read one where part of the premise was that you get better magic at menopause... but the protagonist was still a 22 year old solving problems for her aunties :flan_rage:

@mcmoots @natrixnatrix like, I love a good cozy. But I shouldn't have to go there to find a protagonist in comfortable shoes in the middle of their career with life behind and ahead of them.
I don't always wanna read about murder. I usually want to read about fae getting tricked by Apple pie.

@savagegoose @natrixnatrix I don't love a good cozy, I pretty much never want to read about murder. I want to read about someone who's been divorced twice and ends up with like 5 sexy vampire boyfriends plus a Hogwarts letter that arrives on your 50th birthday, hello where is my wish fulfillment.

@natrixnatrix yes please. for all the problems latest dr who, the doctor was refreshing

bound collective

@natrixnatrix if still notably younger than many of the men in the role

bound collective

@natrixnatrix obligatory "Have You Seen The Old Guard" toot: have you seen The Old Guard

(Yeah they're immortal but physically most of them are 30s-40s)

@alpine_thistle @natrixnatrix
“The Old Guard” is on my list. Haven’t gotten around to it, yet.

Speaking of old guard… Does R.E.D. ( ) count as a suitable genre?
I s’pose that’s too mainstream, though.

#DoctorWho with #JodieWhittaker as the Doctor perhaps? Still not a 50-plus-year-old, but with the actress being 38, I'd say it's at least not a tween. :)

(Ignoring that she's playing a centuries/millenia old Timelord/Timelady because of your follow-up post 😅)

@natrixnatrix She’s 50. She saves the world because this is the field she’s specialized in for decades. Not only is she one of the best there is, but over that time she’s cultivated a small army of trusted peers she can count on. She provides no character development for the men around her.

@natrixnatrix Helen Mirren in Prime Suspect?
CW: human trafficking, rape, mass murder, other horrible crimes. gave me nightmares. but Mirren kicks ass.

@natrixnatrix otherwise the closest I can think of The Summer Queen, by Joan D. Vinge. I think Moon is 38 by the end of the book. (she was a teenager in The Winter Queen.) she spends years negotiating, and learning. (other characters do too.)
-not that the book & series don't have flaws.

there are a couple other books I can think of, but they aren't credible to me. building up a base of power & influence in an organization takes a lot of time and energy. hand-waving the process is ridiculous.

@ischade yeah, i get what you're saying, but... thing is, i don't require my heroines to have realistically built up power and skill over decades, or even necessarily require realism at all, depending on the tone and genre. like, if we can have fluffy fantasy where a 17 year old saves the world just because they're the Chosen One without spending decades working towards it, why can't we have that for older people too, you know? i get it's not everyone's thing, and if it's not yours then fair enough, but i wish there was a little more of it out there.

@natrixnatrix no, I get it. I didn't need a realistic build up over time for a while. but I've changed, and now I do. (bah.)
and you're right, there _should_ be more older heroine stories.

@ischade that being said the summer/winter queen books sound pretty interesting, gonna check them out

@natrixnatrix I enjoyed them; I hope you do too.

ok, more books. The Flight of Mavin Manyshaped and The Search of Mavin Manyshaped, by Sheri S. Tepper. (older Mavin).

Skirmish & later, by Michelle West. (an older main character, Jay.)
Jay + others appear all the way back in Hunter's Death, as teens. an interesting and long series.

In Conquest Born, by C.S. Friedman. (takes place over ~20 years or so.)

Captain Janeway mostly concerned herself with other worlds, but the producers did try to accommodate you by casting Geneviève Bujold in the role. She was 53 in 1995, but quit the show nearly immediately.
Her replacement, Kate Mulgrew, was 40 in 1995 and so finished the run 6 years later only cruising to 50.
Not many others come to mind though, you're right.

@gemlog @natrixnatrix

although it was a show for kids (quite a popular one though) we had Supergran here in Britain (it was filmed in North East England, the fictional town was portrayed as somewhere on the border between England and Scotland which was fairly common in the era for representing the "North")

@vfrmedia Cute! I didn't know that one :-) I scrubbed through a bit of it.
It is hard to come up with actual world savers, but that's a good one :-)
The 'Murder She Wrote' lady was no teenager either.
There does seem to be a dearth of grey hair in my searches...
" women tv and film heroes"
Typical yandex, goes for sex. Searx did too.
Gave up at that point. Confirmation only:

Gravity Falls. It's a kid's show, so the main duo are 13... But Grunkle Stan is, like, 60-something, and he punched a pterodactyl!

@natrixnatrix Not quite saving the world, does saving fantasy countries suffice?

Then we have:

Recommended: Lois McMaster Bujold, Paladin of Souls

Not so recommended, but also on topic: Modesitt, The soprano sorceress + sequels

Nemisin was already mentioned...

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