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shark drone!!!! (nudity and some hypnokink elements) 

miku says trans rights at philly trans wellness con

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lord help me resist this urge to play gmod darkRP

bioware, noted developer of good games, apparently: lets just. lets just fucking load literally every asset all at once every time you transition to a zone. lets just have 5 loading screens to change out a single weapon. lets not optimize anything bc consoles can handle it so who cares

will ferrell has a podcast now and the ads for it are the most grating fucking thing ive ever heard and theyre like a solid minute long

gross mouth/throat medical stuff 

griffith mcelroy, babiest of the band of the brothers

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the crack epidemic was a deliberate genocide of black americans by the US federal government. calling people "crackhead" as an insult is unbelievably fucked up because that is 100% racialized and classed. crack carries a MUCH heftier sentence than cocaine. i WILL be tearing into you if i see you using crackhead as an insult like this is tumblr and there are no rules. this is your only warning.

@emma hey emma! im going to eat pizza for lunch. hope youre preparing for your ascension to a super intelligent god-like being! love you

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gamers really out here with names like MLGman712

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