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My favorite thing about long road trips is seeing the biome and weather changes

Utah is especially great for this

Currently in Moab, from Logan to Albuquerque

Big shout out to everyone at rustconf pretending we can't see each other's dicks in the restroom

2k18 and there still aren't divider walls, ok

Is Betteridge's Law of Headlines Self Referential?

An article

If you're interested in nature content, I'm at Yellowstone this week and is gonna be lit

I snapped my girlfriend this shirt and she said "oh I didn't know you wanted an open relationship" but babe, I don't, I'm just looking for a treesome

My birdsite account went from 1485 followers directly to 1490 and I've never been so thankful to have five people team up to do me right like that

That was almost very bad

The goto keyword is a springboard that enables you to fly; the comefrom keyword is a trapdoor that yanks you away

Everyone's excited about user defined operators so they can do <*> or whatever from Haskell but I'm waiting quietly until I can deploy <<<<<<<< ======== >>>>>>>> and make git merge literals in my source code

debugging my project gutenberg scraper unintentionally produced an emphatic rallying cry

Crying along to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Take A Picture" because wow I miss my best friend and have almost no pictures with her just eight years of beautiful memories

"why are the lights throbbing brighter and darker" (notices pulse) "oh right that's my blood splashing over my retinas"

The worst thing is being aware of my visual processing failures. I can still see, and I k ow I'm still seeing the same image, but I know that the meanings I'm giving to shapes aren't what I assigned just a bit ago.

It's weird

Extremely weird symptom of exhaustion I've either developed or noticed lately it's that I am consciously aware of my mind stalling. I can feel my narrative slur, my senses blur, and my consciousness fuzz, then it returns to normal

Is this what computers feel like when they spinlock

Is this how motors respond to sudden load

@myrrlyn what I love is that programmers as a group are all:

A: 'see, the thing about being a programmer is we apply meta-thought to constantly improve ourselves, we build tools that make our tools better, that's it, a constant upward spiral of tool design and tool use, hack our bodies and minds, Singularity ahoy!!!'

B: (someone proposes fixing C) 'heck NO C is perfect just as it is, you're not improving MY tool, you just need to make yourselves smarter!!!! but not by fixing our tools'

Just saw a Bitcoin-themed mastodon instance wander across my timeline and wow I sure wish I, personally, could block an entire domain without having to have my entire domain block theirs :/

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