@migratory unfortunately I had freshly emptied paccache and paclog was not helpful; I wound up using -Syu --force on all the names I could remember (turns out base-devel, plasma-desktop, and git will pull most of what I needed) and calling it a day lol

Though in retrospect, running pkgfile on everything in /user, then | sort | uniq would probably have done it

What's poppin lo-gang, today I destroyed my Arch package manager's database of "what shit do I have installed" without actually uninstalling anything so now my whole machine is frozen in time

not the worst possible thing to happen but uh, how do I. How do I rebuild it?

Exchanging my regular classes for my sunglasses when I go outside is the closest I'll come to "RPG character optimizes outfit specs for environment"

A cool thing about My Diaphragm is how when I sneeze while laying down, the contraction lifts both my head and my legs in an ungainly V shape for an instant

What's the polite way to hand someone a journal with the clear subtext, but not stated outright bc that'd be rude, of "for the love of God please use this and stop texting me"

@hirojin I can't find source info for ICC, I don't think TCC counts as modern, and I can't think of any others offhand

@hirojin I don't know the extent of the mixture but yeah

This is, to me, the funniest piece of modern trivia I've yet learned

If C were really a production ready systems language don't you think its compiler would be written in it

@will runtime is evil and the more we can take away from it, the better

alternatively titled

"Every language is an interpreted language if you're not a coward"

me: ugh why won't my code compile

The compiler: wtf is a "Proiveder" u magnificent idiot

[at AOL design meeting] okay so how should we localize to Germany? I'm thinking




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