Me: Rust is so cool and I love all its tools!

Also me: you can blow Cargo's stack with three small files

They call me the OSI model because I'm wearing seven independent layers

Just recited a bugfix over the phone to a room I'm not allowed to enter; NASA hmu if you wanna Martian rescuer

First day of fall, friends and fellows, so it's time to grab that Taylor Swift Red album, turn up the volume, and break off the knob

I seriously think living in a hotel for five months is destroying my ability to do useful work and now because my performance is suffering my managers are dragging their feet on letting me … leave the hotel …

today is the last day you can boost this

@catoutofbed I'd argue that it's at least vaguely near Mastodon in being one – each sub is a generally standalone place and users can hop around as they like

@myrrlyn I agree with this stance but it also means you need actual type information in libraries (which would also improve debugging experience and a bunch of other things)

Definitely still has the barren wasteland and the monsters though

The internet is a place where nobody has to see your physical form but we share our deepest thoughts and feelings. It's not the Upside Down, it's the Inside Out

@migratory a standing semiserious shitpost of mine is that text pipelines were a mistake, and applications should just be defined dlopen-able entry points to a library. a parent process clearly can't tell failure text from success text, so,

The git rev-list help message is invalid Make syntax, it turns out,

Realizing that my build was failing because CMake invoked Git as a subprocess rather than dlopen()ing it to make library calls, and the git error message entered my makefile, was … a stunner

@will I consider them two very different channels and you can't have multiple in one feed

I am like 3:1 against mixing them but I'll kill it over

4 = nybble
8 = byte
16 = chawmp
32 = meele
64 = feaste
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