What's the polite way to hand someone a journal with the clear subtext, but not stated outright bc that'd be rude, of "for the love of God please use this and stop texting me"

@hirojin I can't find source info for ICC, I don't think TCC counts as modern, and I can't think of any others offhand

@hirojin I don't know the extent of the mixture but yeah

This is, to me, the funniest piece of modern trivia I've yet learned

If C were really a production ready systems language don't you think its compiler would be written in it

@will runtime is evil and the more we can take away from it, the better

alternatively titled

"Every language is an interpreted language if you're not a coward"

me: ugh why won't my code compile

The compiler: wtf is a "Proiveder" u magnificent idiot

[at AOL design meeting] okay so how should we localize to Germany? I'm thinking




TIL that my university email address, unchecked since May 2016, still works and has three thousand messages waiting for me to select all and delete

"it's so inefficient how cats drink by sticking their paw in the water and then licking their paw" I say as I stick my toothbrush under the water and then suck the water out of it to rinse

"tabs are not allowed in Elm files"

Guess I'm not using Elm

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